UNION PROUD CANADA strives to be the largest selection of truly Union Made custom clothing and promotional products available in North America!  We’ve got the newest and hottest designs that breathe new life in to your traditional UNION logos.

UNION PROUD CANADA prides itself on incorporating as much UNION content as possible in everything we do and sell. 

For example:

This website is designed and maintained by our UNIONIZED (Unifor 780G) staff … the apparel designs were all created by our UNION art department …. Every piece of clothing is UNION MADE (UFCW 175) here in Canada … every decoration is skillfully applied in our UNIONIZED production facility … then delivered to you by our CUPW or Teamster Brothers and Sisters.

We support UNION every step of the way, and thank you for supporting our Brothers and Sisters by ordering all of your UNION gear from us.

Please note:  not all products are available as UNION and/or Canadian Made ... in these cases we still go out of our way to ensure the most CANADIAN UNION LABOUR possible will be employed in every order from design, to administration, and logistics, being all UNION.

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